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Pro-IG Colostrum Food Supplement Sachet


Pro-IG Colostrum Food Supplement Sachet


Formulated “Colostrum” with Pure Bio-Active IgG for Enhanced Growth and Development

Colostrum is naturally abundant in immune and growth factors that provide an antimicrobial effect and active cell and tissue regeneration. Colostrum is rich in essential nutrients – amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that may enhance the immune system, promotes gut health and help improves sports performance.

A very high concentration of ACTIVE IgG is guaranteed in PRO-IG COLOSTRUM: 20%

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What is Pro-IG

  • IgG is the main antibody isotype found in blood and extracellular fluid allowing it to control infection of the blood and body tissues,the most important of the immuno-globulins found in the body.
  • Human colostrum contains 2% of IgG while bovine colostrum contains 8-25% of IgG.

What is colostrum?

Colostrum, a nutrient-rich uid produced by female mammals during the rst 24 hours of lactation, is loaded with immune, growth andtissue repair factors. It is a complex biological uid, which helps in the development of immunity in the newborn. It contains signicantquantities of complement components that act as natural antimicrobial agents to actively stimulate the maturation of an infant’s immune system.

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