Tired of the New Normal

It has been a year since Covid-19 has started and disrupted our lives.  Frequent hand washing and sanitizing, wearing face masks and face shields, work from home, online schooling, staying at home, and social distancing have become our new normal.  Since March of the past year and early this year, most of us have practiced and abided by this new normal and has significantly decreased the number of Covid-19 cases in our country and has saved a lot of lives.

A year has passed and we got tired of this new normal. We got tired of staying at home, got tired of social distancing, and got tired of being afraid of the virus. We missed socializing with our family and friends, going and dining out, going on vacations, going to school, and having fun outside our homes. We got tired of Covid-19.

We started to experience “lockdown fatigue” or “pandemic fatigue” or whatever fatigue you want to call it. We started to let our guard down, become “brave” and ignore social distancing rules, started going out and drinking with friends, started family reunions, birthday parties, going to the gym, and other things that we missed doing. Because we got tired.

As of today, March 12, 2021 our country has 4,578 new Covid-19 cases. An average of around 3,000 cases daily for the past few days. A big part of it because we got tired of this pandemic. A lot of people got tired, people I know personally got tired, some of my friends and family members got tired, and even I got tired. We are probably back to square one because we all got tired. More people getting sick, our family and friends getting sick, hospitals filling up again with Covid-19 patients because we all got tired.

Our country cannot tolerate again another stricter lockdown like the ECQ that we had last year.  The economy needs to be running, people need to work, businesses need to be open even though it is struggling, because we all have mouths to feed. Hunger is a far worst enemy than Covid-19.

Our family and people that depend on us should be our priority. Yes, being tired of this pandemic and lockdown takes a great toll on us more mentally than physically, but for the sake of everyone around us we must sacrifice even more. This is not the time for being selfish with being “tired”. This pandemic will end, whether we do anything or not but how long the pandemic would last and how it ends is up to us. The doctors, scientists, and the government can only do so much and it is up to our cooperation and self-control we can only be successful.

Help is on the way in the form of vaccines. It has already started with the healthcare workers. But for most people it might take a few months more. Let us not waste that help and opportunity of hope by remaining to be tired. Let us again practice our current new normal: staying at home if possible, frequent hand washing and sanitizing, and social distancing. Hopefully a “newer” normal will be on its way.

About the Author

Jerelee L. Dino, MD, FPSA
Pacific Global Medical Center
San Mateo Medical Center
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
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